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Basic policy

Quality policy

Challenge to infinite possibility

Let's challenge infinite possibility by wide field of vision and creativity.
It is cheap and, toward the engineering firm, gives a high-quality product by the procurement based on the two-way street.


In  us, a design, production, the installation of an apparatus made of FRP and the product concerned worked since foundation more than approximately 50 years in 1968. I act for the making of product that a customer is satisfied with the goal of putting a thing of good quality according to deadline as a manufacturer and has you nominate him at the next opportunity. I make products based on ISO 9001 standard system to make further customer serious consideration clear, and it is pleased by a customer, and all employees must act at the company which can contribute to the society.

Development of the quality policy

With a president in the lead, all employees take "a quality policy" into consideration and perform a quality activity. "A quality policy" is understood by all hierarchies and is carried out and carries out the enlightenment activity of all employee choruses at the notice in the office and the morning gathering regularly to ensure what is maintained. In addition, I set "year quality target" and manage it. The quality policy posts it according to "quality policy notice table". The quality control secretariat performs cho* at the time of the update.

Enforcement evaluation of the quality policy

A president in a management review by the examination about the next matter for the adequacy continuation of "the quality policy"
I carry out a revue and update "a quality policy" when it is necessary.
(1) Validity of the policy by the comparison between policy and results
(2) Our inherent aim change
Circle glorification mechanic
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