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Worth doing to make the best team with own management.
Do you not fully make use of the work experience in the plant industry?

Steel, oil, chemistry, environment is a position with "big worth doing" in "stability base" in where plant-related work experience was piled up on.
It recruits "the post of director" of our branch office of the major steelmaker yard located in Chiba, the Kawasaki area positively.
For the member in the place, a working subcontractor, I perform overall management including construction, security hygiene, the production control while cooperating with the major steelmaker of the customer as a supervisory manager thickly.
We are proud of a domestic top-class share in the field of the FRP (reinforced plastic) and acquire trust from height of a product and the technology for many years.
In a result, the situation as the regular member company in the major steelmaker yard, I accept an order of work in the maintenance, the maintenance of the plant constantly.
In such a firm stable base, I have free discretion as a director, and the powerful charm to be able to be engaged in the management whole is immeasurable big worth doing.
You fully show the experience that you cultivated until now under the large-scale environment, and please play an active part in the plant industry.

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