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Adoption message

To all of you having you apply

A good friend brings it up to the good organization.
In us, as for the circle glorification mechanic, a design, production, the installation of an apparatus made of FRP and the product concerned works since foundation of 1968 more than 45 years.
The company realizes a product offer having high customer satisfaction by making products based on ISO9001(2000) quality management system.

In addition, I develop FRP to realize strength and the property that a customer finds in the circle glorification mechanics by combining raw materials.
What I can perform becomes the strength of the circle glorification mechanic from development to a design, engineering consistently, and it is a factor to get the trust from many clients.

In addition, it is easy to work by backing up the staff totally and pours power into the skill making of environment that I can improve. Each staff can play an active part, and it is essential to the development of the organization to be able to fully show power.
In the environment that can play an active part for a long time in peace, worthwhile duties are waiting.
"It recruits young human resources carrying the future of coming circle glorification mechanic. The motivated person, please challenge it."
Human resource department charge Hideo Obara

Person image to find

How is there need or that you should study before entering the company as a taskmaster during the period to become full-fledged?

A difference leaves during a period to be in a force by an experience level and the knowledge of the taskmaster. I think that I need (when a technical system two years) for 2 through 3 for one year from half a year when it is a person with the construction experience even if types of industry are different if inexperienced. It is hoped, but if there is a possession qualification (kankojihodokoshikokanrigishi, hygiene manager) before entering a company, the period becoming full-fledged is advanced, and it is thought that the width of duties becomes wide.

May you be conscious to carry out facilities maintenance and the plumbing of the yard, management of the fixed construction of the industrial tank effectively?

1.About facilities maintenance (common usage construction)
Because maintenance specifications (an ordering request and the same time) appear every facilities than a customer, at first I prepare for dokogurui and a rental article to use for the construction concerned from whole specifications in a process efficiently → I do not manage to come up with a useless expense. In addition, a work remit and the remit about the security communicate with the builder before construction having margin.


2.About the construction management in the yard (contract construction)
By construction contents or a scale, I let you place the worker (skill) appropriate to construction contents for a subcontractor (builder). In addition, I always plan communication with workers (work leader) and grasp progress (naturally the making of good relations with the in front of the visitor person in charge is necessary) 


3.Generally (overall construction)
A particularly safe hygiene side is severe (the security has priority over all) and devises the yard every construction for the security construction cycle of the day (I let you observe a safe rule)

About acting personality

The posture that the teaching for the new face employee is oneself because with many mid-career hires at the construction branch office and rearranges it again and tells that posture to face each other for duties is serious (there is the aspect that it has slightly weak that character publicizes by oneself quietly) is strong generally (I value teamwork)

The adoption results

The recent entering a company results

The adoption number of people
2014: Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science machinist subject         One Development Section
      Kyushu Sangyo University     Machinist subject         One Contracts Planning Section
2015: Kyushu Institute of Technology life form study engineering department        One Development Section
      Kyushu Institute of Technology machine intelligence engineering department         One Development Section
      Kitakyusyu higher vocational school machine department          One Development Section
2016: Kyushu Sangyo University machinist subject           One Development Section
      One Kitakyushu University international environmental engineering energy circulation chemistry department Production Division
2017: Kyushu Sangyo University Graduate School engineering graduate course industry technology design one Tobata branch office
      Nagasaki University Graduate School synthesis engineering chemical substance engineering    One Tobata branch office

The recent internship acceptance results

The adoption number of people
2014: Kyushu Institute of Technology         One person 
      Kitakyusyu higher vocational school        Two people 
2015: Kyushu Institute of Technology         One person 
      Kitakyusyu higher vocational school      One person 
2016: Kitakyusyu higher vocational school      One person 
2017: Kitakyusyu higher vocational school                  Three people

State of the workplace

The new face training
The specialized training
Meeting room
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