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Original product development

FRP recommends making it it targeting at the products of every material in "being light, and being strong, and being hard to corrode" that it is a strength of the FRP in the cut end in us and all FRP is made and serialize a plumbing system or a duct system. In addition, I push on in order in late years to wrestle to a product using the carbon fiber, and to make future FRP.

Characteristic of the FRP

・Light, strong
・・ which is superior in impact resistance

・・ which is superior if I have the honor of being you-resistant
・・ which is superior in chemicals characteristics-resistant
・・ which is superior in tolerance to electrically insulate
・・ that a use temperature range is wide
・・ with a little coefficient of thermal expansion
・Wide construction range ・
・Stable supply ・
・Stable quality ・
The material FRP that original function and performance are produced by a combination of resin and fiber continues playing role that it is remarkable in various fields such as space, aviation and a car, a railroad, construction industry, the field of medical care in diversifying society.

We improve economy, effectiveness, safety by adding an advanced technology to a base including the engineering of the use environment peripheral device generally, and postponing the durability of various structures drastically, and we take pride in the FRP product which we hid this infinite possibility in when we play a socially big role.
I determine all power to a base in the know-how that accumulated more and will meet your expectation as a total planner of the FRP in future.
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