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MK haikemipaipu

Characteristic of MK haikemipaipu

MK high chemical pipe is production engineering and a corrosion resistance FRP pipe of the FW machine molding by the original development which we of the corrosion resistance FRP maker accumulated for many years. I pour all energy into reduction in cost for quality improvement and price reduction every day to have you use the pipe of the use that met the request of the customer in peace.
①I am superior in quality of medicine-resistant.
I use the best vinylester resin in a polyester resin and show superior corrosion resistance performance for medicines such as acid, the alkali.
②It is light and is strong
A lap direction and axial strength have the strength balance that matched the plumbing at 2:1, and the strength ratio for the weight rises.
③A use temperature range is wide
-I can use it to 80 degrees Celsius - +150 degree Celsius.
④Insulation characteristics are good
A thermal insulation cold storage effect has a thermal conductivity with a one-tenth or less of iron small.
⑤Electric equipment insulation characteristics are good
As I am not precocious through electricity, I do not cause electrolytic corrosion.

MK haikemitanku

Characteristic of MK haikemitanku

MK haikemitanku has the following characteristic.
①Corrosion resistance being superior.
②A cast being lightweight.
③Generally, maintenance being free.
④As a cast has transparency to some extent, I can confirm a surface.
⑤Generally, I do not need the outside painting.
⑥Can facilitate nozzle addition, a change locally.
I am used for chemistry, metal, food, paper manufacture connection widely.
In the medicine inclination-resistant save it, and can produce the composite tank with the thermoplastic resin, too.
A conformity standard, JIS K 7012, FRPS C001, our standard.

MK haikemidakuto

Characteristic of MK haikemidakuto

MK haikemidakuto has the following characteristic.
①Corrosion resistance being superior.
②A cast being lightweight.
③Generally, maintenance being free.
④As a cast has transparency to some extent, I can confirm drain gathering.
⑤Generally, I do not need the outside painting.
⑥Can facilitate nozzle addition, a change locally.
I am used for chemistry, metal, food, paper manufacture connection widely.

MK corrosion resistance scrubber

Characteristic of the MK corrosion resistance scrubber

①I show high removal efficiency.
I adopt ju*butsu and tele rat, taju*butsu which an effective leak area has a big. The washings let you update a surface while repeating an agglomeration and dispersion and enhance a contact effect of the mind liquid. The unique shape design and a removal effect high in total are got.
②There is a little loss of the pressure.
As space rate of ju*butsu is big, the pressure loss in the tower becomes less than other ju*butsu (rashihiringu).
③I can save power costs.
As there are few pressure losses, and the small quantity is enough for the quantity of circulation of washings, power costs are controlled low.
④A fixed area is small and finishes it.
As I quicken the speed in the tower by use of high-performance *shuju*butsu, I reduce tower diameter and succeed in compactification and the size is standardized, I do not take the fixed, wide area.
⑤It is perfect corrosion resistance structure.
It is use in the plastic materials which is corrosion-resistant in all of contact departments of gas and washings, and is main with superior FRP (reinforced plastic). Therefore we do not have to worry to be corroded by most gas mists, washings, and maintenance is free.
⑥It is light, and we do not have to worry about the loss.
Because body, ju*butsu is a synthetic resin product together, specific gravity is small and is still lighter because space rate is big in ju*butsu, and the basics, a footstool is lightweighted, and the handling and maintenance are easy as the strength is big.

MK mist separator

Characteristic of the MK mist separator

①High probability separation
The MK mist separator is high-speed, and it removes a mist in gas more than 99%. There is the mist elimination of the high efficiency on a projection (trough) and the blade side on the nail attracting the mists which collided with a blade by a notch ticked away and, also, prevents re-scattering. I can approximately completely separate the particle with more than of 20 mu with this blade.
②Low pressure loss
Because it is designed for fluent undulation recording, a pressure loss is small, and I lower the cost of the blower, and it is reduced the power by that purpose.
③Complete corrosion resistance
The MK mist separator shows superior corrosion resistance for other corrosive materials including acid, alkali using high corrosion-resistant FRP.
④Light weight
Because the MK mist separator is made of plastic mainly, it is lightweight and easily has by hand and can attach it, and the special support to support a unit is not necessary. In addition, it is easy when I wash a device.
⑤I do not make shut cold
I design MK misutosapareta in the shape that is hard to perform blocking in particular.
I design the MK mist separator in the shape that is hard to perform blocking in particular.
⑦The abundant results
I deliver it from a small thing of the 30㎥/min degree to a big thing of 1400㎥/min.

MK corrosion resistance FRP damper

MK corrosion resistance FRP damper (MD series)

I provide MK corrosion resistance FRP damper cultivated by abundant experience based on the production of a corrosion resistance apparatus, the device for 40 years and a high technique to a customer.
I prepare the butterfly damper by various drive types from small size to large size depending on various requests of the customer.
①Outstanding corrosion resistance. I use corrosion-resistant FRP resin (vinylester) for gas.
②Solid and tough structure. It is the superior durability for long-term use.
③There are a diameter and shape (round shape, corner type)-rich assortment of goods to the setting situation.
④The purpose of use prepares for the drive type (electric hand operation) corresponding to the use.
⑤Use environment: -20 degrees Celsius - 80 degrees Celsius
⑥Design pressure: ± 15kPa
・Acid wash exhaust line of steel, the nonferrous metal factory
・It is for a desulfurization equipment exhaust line
・In the chemical factory, semiconductor factory, it is an exhaust line
・Deodorized exhaust line of sewage, the human waste processing factory


FRP large size structure

Summary of the MK large size FRP tank

With the conventional FRP to manufacture in a plant, I was confined to 3.6 meters in diameter or less in transport, and a tank of the 100㎥ degree was a limit, but the prefab house of the tank became available for the production of the large diameter, macroscale tank by making it it. Of course I manufacture the FRP tank of the small diameter in a plant.
The MK large size FRP tanks are classified in two kinds of the next depending on a setting place and a request.
(1) Local sectional tank
(2) Cabled tank
・Local production is possible at the small place where I cannot carry it in to
・It is succeeded for the large reduction of large-capacity FRP tank by a method and a prefab house method (local assembling type) to reinforce a cable in an FRP sidewall of the cheap bitter fighting (cabled)
・Unique design
・The assembling days are short
・Level gauge-free thermal insulation construction is easy

MK lining system

With the MK lining system

It is functional and, based on a corrosion resistance technique, the construction management method that I cultivated in the engineering of our FRP apparatus, provides a lining apparatus superior in cost performance to a customer. The MK lining system is comprised of flake lining and FRP lining and the hybrid (compound model) and maintains the most suitable corrosion resistance.
Characteristic of the flake lining
①As I am based on high corrosion-resistant thermosetting resin, I show tolerance superior in various acid, bases, solvents, gas.
②As steam transmissivity is small, I prevent transmission of medicinal solution and the corrosive gas even if a film thickness is light.
③Because the shrinkage at the time of the hardening is small, there are few internal stresses, too, and we do not have to worry about a crack and the detachment for use of repetition under the high temperature.
④As it is a normal temperature hardening type, the local construction is easily possible, too.
⑤Because maintenance is free, I kick it very much and contribute to the reduction of the maintenance expense. In addition, I finish it briefly for the term of works.
⑥As the construction is relatively easily possible, there is little unevenness of the quality and can provide stable performance.

FRP deterioration diagnosis

About a diagnosis

An FRP product is born and has already passed more than 50 years.
Generally, it is said to be maintenance-free, but deteriorates when I use it for a long term.
Therefore a diagnosis is required for the life.
We work on a deterioration diagnosis of the FRP based on experience and the results for more than 40 years.
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