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A characteristic of the FRP and high technique
I make use of this and support diverse needs in the future

Representative greetings

In now when the destruction of the global environment and the drying up of earth resources are concerned about, we live together how with this earth and I take good care of resources and inherit it in the next generation or may say it when you must right think by an all out effort.
With a prevention of rust technology and the results that are abundant in corporate philosophy by a global environment and resource conservation in us for half a century
To FRP commencing with an approach, a study of the material itself
All companies including the research and development of development, a method of construction and the design of the product
I put it up and pursued possibility of the FRP.
With grace, I grow up before I am known as a pioneer of the FRP today, and the stage of the achievement lasts for all domains of the FRP including engineering, maintenance, lining and the coating from a design, production, and the perfect system which can cope with every needs of consumers is set.
I concentrate power on research and development more and contribute to the industry through the technique only in us which were ahead of the times more and more and want to be useful for a global environment and resource conservation in spite of being poor ability in future.
I hope that I have more instruction, support.
                                      Representative director Haruki Matsuoka
Circle glorification mechanic
Kokuraminami-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka 910, Shindoji
TEL 093-451-0538
FAX 093-451-0583
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