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Large FRP structure

I produced a chimney of the height of apparatus of the good FRP size of ten several meters that I used "it was light and was strong and is hard to corrode" to the maximum and one hundred meters in us. I will prepare for the facilities which it is thought that upsizing advances more, and can deal with it in future.


I make full use of the experience for 40 years and original study, know-how born from analysis in us-maru glorification mechanic and, commencing with the development of various products, wrestle for the development of the method of construction, the development of the design positively and cope with various needs of the nucleus industry of our country including iron manufacture, the steel manufacture, electricity, the paper manufacture, garbage destruction by fire, the sewerage treatment, the chemical plant gas.
It is strong and creates high-quality products and, by our company's original FW molding machine that enabled high strength, constructs many large structures.
Circle glorification mechanic
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